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When that mighty ship sank with a loss of over 1500 passengers, it was referred to as an act of God. Yet the reality is that the Titanic was allowed to sail with only 16 lifeboats – enough for only the ship’s crew - instead of the minimum 48 that had been recommended. If there had been 48 lifeboats there would have been no need to blame God!

So it is that we make the poor, we provoke war, we unleash hunger and death. Yet THROUGH IT ALL GOD LOVES US WITH THE DIGNITY OF CHOICE. He knows that to compel love is not really to be loved, to compel worship is not really to be worshiped, to compel adoration is not really to be adored. They are but empty rituals of obedience. And God wants our obedience to rise from our love. So Matthew claims Jesus is Immanuel – God with us.

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