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I guess I’ve always liked good news. When I was a student at Central College in Iowa, I worshiped at our Campus Church. Each week there was a pretty heavy prayer of confession that was usually preceded by recounting some really bad news stories of the previous week. Eventually a group of us approached the Chaplain and complained that we were feeling overwhelmed with all the bad news. When he indicated that our world was full of bad news so we should feel overwhelmed, we protested that there was also a lot of good news. So he challenged us to gather up the good news stories each week and he would provide time in the service to give thanks for the good news in the world. It was quite a challenge – but we worked hard at finding it. It’s still hard to find good news, isn’t it? We want to stop reading the newspaper and listening to the radio and watching television – because we’ve simply had enough of the bad news. I understand that. We want to hear good news. So did the Roman Christians. They were persecuted for their faith. Living for Christ was not an easy road to travel. So Mark told them to focus on the good news of God’s new beginning.

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