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I can’t say I have ever felt afraid of God, but I have felt the awe of His presence, and I have been overcome by a sense of His majesty. I remember standing out on a mound of earth out on a property and looking up at the stars. Away from the city, the stars seem so much brighter, and I cried out to God to take me further in my Christian life as I had an overwhelming sense of His presence. Imagine being at Sinai!

Exodus 19 is where Israel promises to obey God and they are consecrated at Mt Sinai. They were asked to wash their clothes. This was a special occasion and they were to be clean and ready inwardly and outwardly. They are given clear boundaries and told that they must not touch the mountain or approach it. Moses and God speak together and the awe of God is tangible. There was also lightning and thunder and a thick cloud descends on the mountain. The camp trembles.

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