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Spiderman Pajamas Don’t Attract Attention, Disappointing a Little Boy

Last January, Kristy and I took the boys up to Big Bear on a little vacation to play in the snow. We had lots of nice snow cloths for the boys, but no thermal underwear. So, we figured their pajamas resemble thermal underwear, so they wore their pajamas under their snow clothes. Jonathan, almost 4 years old at the time, was wearing his Spiderman jammies, and he thought that was pretty sweet. At the end of the day, we were taking off the snow clothes, and Jon remembered he had Spiderman on. He showed me, and I said, “Dude! That’s cool! Spiderman!” And he wanted to go show all the people in the snow play area his Spiderman jammies. I thought, “O boy.” I did not really feel like walking him around to show everyone Spiderman. With a tinge of sarcasm, I said, “Well then, go show everyone you’re Spiderman jammies.” He said, “OK!”

Then he walked over to the play area and stood up on a bank of snow. He called out, “Hey Everyone! I’m wearing SPIDERMAN jammies!” No one even looked his way.

Then he called out again. “Hey Everyone! I’m wearing SPIDERMAN jammies!” Once again, no one even gave him the time of day. I felt awful. He hung his head down and walked back. He said, “Dad, no one listened.”

Then I took the opportunity to explain a few things. “Jon, not everyone will be excited about the things that excite you. And not everyone will be interested in the things that interest you. And unfortunately, most people won’t pay any attention at all. I’m sorry son. I love you.”

What Jon experienced in relation to his Spiderman jammies is similar to what Christians will experience in relation the Gospel. When we hear about the cross and empty grave, our hearts are filled with worship and wonder. But that is not gonna be the case with most people as we share it with them. When we hear about grace and forgiveness, our hearts well up with gratitude and the desire to serve our King. But that will not be the case with the majority of people.

I think Jesus gave the parable of the soils to prepare his followers for that fact.

From a sermon by Jeff Saltzmann, Four Ways People Respond to the Gospel, 12/15/2009

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