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Love and Service--Mark Dever and J.C. Ryle

JC Ryle: “True greatness does not consist in being an admiral or a celebrity. It consists of devoting yourself, body, soul and spirit to the blessed work of making the people around you more happy and holy.”

Mark Dever, at 9Marks Conference. This quote has rung in my ears. “Love means inconveniencing yourself for other people.” That’s service. Love and service go hand in hand.

Sermon Heavily Influenced by:

“The Son of Man,” by RC Sproul in “The Majesty of Christ” sermon series.

“I Am Going to Hell: Jesus is Hank’s Ransom” by Mark Driscoll in Death by Love.

From a sermon by Jeff Saltzmann, The Great Mission of Christmas, 12/21/2009

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