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A couple of months ago, my daughter, who has four children, two of whom are in Catholic school, asked me “Dad, why are my children in Catholic school?” I know it’s a struggle, even with a doctor’s income. She faces an incredible tuition when two are in Catholic high schools and two in grade school. So we are committed to helping that family. Why? Not because the Catholic school labs are better than the one I teach in at Johnson. My lab is incredible. Not because the textbooks are better, or even the teachers are better. The difference is that the core mission of every Catholic school is the revelation of Jesus Christ to the students, and the core skill taught is listening to the voice of God speaking to each of those children: You are my beloved child. If I tried to do that in a public school, I would be extending the mission of the school into an area that the Supreme Court has found intolerable. The most important lessons in human life are, despite their value, illegal to teach in a public school.

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