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At the Consumer Electronics Show recently held in Las Vegas, one company unveiled the unbreakable mobile phone. When asked what the phone was capable of withstanding, the director said you could drop it from a ten storey height, immerse it in over 20 ft of water for up to 30 minutes, and even hammer a nail with it and it would not break. In fact, so confident was he, that if you could find a way to break it, the company would give you a free phone. So Dan Simmons from the BBC's technology show “Click” thought he would give it a go. First of all he dunked it into an aquarium. Sure enough, though the phone was immersed in water it vibrated in response to a call and when he brought it up it continued to operate. He then hammered it, four times on the corner of the aquarium, and guess what? He broke the screen. It really was very unimpressive.

Isn’t that how men are in relation to temptation. We give in so easily, fall so readily, prove ourselves so weak, and yet here comes God’s Man, Jesus Christ and He wants you and I to know that He is who He claims to be, the perfect Son of God, and so He is driven out into the wilderness to be tempted that we might see He was/is unbreakable. The theological term is “impeccable.” Jesus could not sin. And yet His temptation was as real as any you or I have ever experienced.

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