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Don’t Leave Out Any Ingredients in the Recipe for Life

I heard something unusual a few years ago. In the Eastern part of the U.S. a cookbook was recalled. Now, I’ve never heard of a cookbook being recalled before. I’ve heard of automobiles being recalled, & toasters & baby seats. But I had never before heard of a cookbook being recalled.

This cookbook was recalled because one recipe had left out an important ingredient. And the producers of the book realized that if someone followed the directions of that recipe & left out that ingredient, that the ingredients they put together could actually blow up in their faces. So because of that hazard, the cookbook was recalled.

B.I thought to myself, "There must be a sermon there someplace."

1. God has given us the recipe for life.

2. He says, "You want peace?

3. Then here is the recipe.

4. Find forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Live according to My

rules principles, the ingredients that make it all possible."

C. But if you leave out some of His ingredients, Life can blow up in

your face.

D. That is why there is so much depression & so much suicide & so much


1. Because too many are following the wrong recipes for life.

From a sermon by Donnie De Loney, Home Baked Happiness Giving Christmas to your Family, 12/31/2009

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