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Mark Hooper was my professor of World Religions in college. He once told the class about a missionary trip he took to India. While he was there he met and befriended a local fellow who was a Buddhist. This man took Dr. Hooper around; showing him the sites and helping him get acquainted with the area. He was a kind and friendly fellow. One day, he took Dr. Hooper to a Buddhist temple. When Mark walked in, he was amazed by all the strange and peculiar statues lining the walls of the temple—each on representing a different god. Suddenly he felt a little poke in his side, as his friend gestured toward one of the statues saying, “You see that one. You recognize that one, don’t you? That’s your god.” Mark looked up to see a statue of Jesus on the cross—as if he were just one among many. You see, in their minds, you can be a Buddhist and Christian—you can worship whatever god you want. That’s how the world wants us to think too.

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