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What makes a person a hero? A year ago, Chesley Sullenberger ditched his airplane into the Hudson River and saved the lives of all 150 of his passengers when both engines were knocked out by a flock of geese. It was the first time that a major airliner was ditched into the water and no lives were lost. When the air traffic control tapes were released, Capt. Sullenburger could be hear calmly describing the condition of his plane and then informing the tower that he was going to be in the Hudson River. Without a hint of panic in his voice, he put the plane down safely in the water. Then, he oversaw the evacuation of the plane. Twice, he went down the center aisle of the aircraft while water seeped in to make sure all of the passengers had exited. Then, last of all, he escaped the plane. Acting to save 150 lives makes him a hero. The way in which he did makes him a role model.

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