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I was invited to compete in the Howard Wood Relays while running track in high school. It was time for the 110 meter high hurdles. I had set my blocks and the starter called "Runners, come to your marks."

I was so nervous and decided to look to my left and right to see that I was lined up like the other runners. I was lined up about a meter behind them. It was then that I made the fateful decision to, while leaving my feet back in my blocks, move my hands up to where the other runners’ hands were!

My first several steps were on my hands and feet literally crawling up the track. I finished 2nd to last in a race that I should have one. (I beat one poor sap and he must have wondered how I did)! Everything went wrong when I simply looked to my left and right and compared myself to everyone else. If I had just run my race, even with the mistake of lining up on the wrong line, I would have been fine.

The Lord doesn’t want us to look right or left nor at ourselves or at our circumstances. Rather, we need to "fix our eyes on Jesus." He isn’t waiting at the finish line; He IS the finish line!

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