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Becoming Cupid

In a dream I had a short while ago,

The winds of love upon my face began to blow.

I opened my eyes and began to glare,

At what it was that caused the current of air.

Many thoughts flooded my wee little mind,

As I rose from the bed desperate to find,

Whatever this was that made me feel this way,

I am hoping to find and ask it to stay.

Through the door down the hall I did go,

Stepping on something I saw it was a bow.

Though it seem to be wood by which it was refined,

The string had a song that was soft and kind.

Stooped swiftly to pick up and to my surprise,

It girded itself on my torso as I began to rise.

To the stairs I was drawn like the current of the river,

Looking to the bottom I noticed a quiver.

With every step closer I approached,

Like an athlete I was being coached.

Thoughts and direction on how to worship and care,

Change my mind as closer I drew just one more stair.

I reached out to grab the object that held,

An endless number of darts awaiting to be mailed.

I began to examine closely the item I got,

Over my shoulder it went securing its spot.

Suddenly knowledge flooded my being,

Visions of instruction I began seeing.

I felt power almost like I could fly,

Joy saturated me as I began to cry

I had desires of journeys upon which I could embark

My newfound world was anything but dark.

The masterpiece I became began to fly like a dove

As I truly understood the definition of love.

With a jump I finally awoke from what I dreamed,

Anything but a nightmare is what it seemed.

I understood why this dream to me was give,

As I looked upon my lap instructions on how to live.

The Bible I held to first John was exposed,

When I read the words written I saw the influence while I dozed.

“Let us love one another” is the instruction at hand,

“For God is love” together was it band.

As to other pages I did turn,

Marked before I slept in my memory were burned.

I am being renewed just be changing my mind it does proclaim

Who knows better than Paul about the gospel aim.

One last stop in my journey at this seam

Endless is the reason He gave me this dream

“Go into the world” the Commission was clear

A number of people you will meet only Me you should fear.

No, Cupid is not what became of me,

For I am a child of God for the world to see.

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