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Open Our Eyes...?

I have a book called 'Tall Tales of a Big God' written by a man called Maurice Smith. Maurice is (or at least was) an international Christian Speaker travelling all over the UK, and Europe and particularly the USA. And his book is a compilation of some of the most embarrassing moments of his ministry.

He says that there was one time when he was speaking at a meeting in Glasgow -- and he was always accompanied by his guitarist friend called Dave -- who would lead the worship at these meetings.

And at this particular meeting as he was giving out their 'Hallelujah' Song sheet so that people could sing along, he came to this young woman, who in spite of several attempts, refused to take a chorus sheet from him. All she would say, very sweetly, was 'no thank you... no thank you'! He says that she didn't open her eyes but was obviously in that state of smiling ecstasy so well known to swaying charismatics. But Maurice was nothing if not persistent and he kept on insisting that this young girl take a chorus sheet from him. Until that is one of the leaders whispered into his ear, 'She's blind, Maurice'.


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