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How To Cure Complaining

A story was told about eight men living in a small tent in the desert during the Israelites journey, led by Moses, from Egypt to the Promised Land. These eight irritable grouches cramped into their tent and daily complained to Moses of their miserable state. Three of them complained that their tent-mates snort and the others snore. In retaliation, the latter faction complained of foul-smelling feet. It perturbed their long-bearded leader. Moses, while stroking his long grey beard, told them, "Bring an aged ram and let it sleep with you in your tent for seven days, then come back to me".

After seven days, all of them came to Moses looking awfully grumpy and complained in unison about the aged ram in their tent. Moses said, "From tonight take the ram out of your tent, then come back to me after seven days", and that was exactly what the eight grumblers did. After seven days, they again appeared before Moses, now looking satisfied, and were asked if they still had any complaint. For fear of having the ram in their tent again, with smiles on their shabby faces they answered Moses in unison like a kindergarten class, "No sir, not at all!" And they dashed back to their tent as friends.

Sometimes we can only learn to appreciate the life that we had after going through a great trial and after experiencing grueling situations. There are so many reasons to thank God for the past year, however excruciatingly tough we went through. A Thankful Heart is a rock foundation of Life’s Fulfillment!

(From a sermon by Jofrey Bustamante, "Starting New Things," 1/23/2010)

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