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The inspiration of the Bible is seen in its unique survival. All through history it has been a hated book for certain people because of its claim to be the word of the living God. But in spite of all attempts at times by emperors, dictators and totalitarian governments to destroy it by burning, confiscation and the imprisonment and persecution of those who read it and preach it, all such attempts have miserably failed-—this remarkable book is still with us and is as widely dispersed as ever.

During the Stalin era in Russia, the Marxist government derided the Bible as a book full of legends, myths, and old wives’ tales. It even established an anti-Bible museum in Moscow to try and convince the people. Yet for all their derision, the authorities were so desperately afraid that people would read it and believe it, that they put them in prison and in labour camps for doing so. Why? Because they knew that this unique book had the power to change people’s lives (Williams, P. (2007). Opening up 2 Timothy (83–84). Leominster: Day One Publications).

(From a sermon by Matthew Kratz,Pursuing Gold in Bible Study, 1/24/2010)

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