Sermon Illustrations

Jewish marriages often were prearranged. The young man and his father would negotiate a price for the girl with her dad (mohar). You could say the purchase price was sort of the engagement ring. Once the price was settled the couple was engaged and once engaged they were considered married but before the couple came together physically they were separated for 12 month. The groom would use those 12 months to go back to his father’s house to prepare a place for him and his wife. Then, one night when the 12 month period was over the groom and his wedding party would go down to the bride’s house in a torch lit procession to get her and her wedding party. The bride knew the day he would come but not the time. The groom, bride, and the whole party would then go back to the place the groom had prepared at his father’s house/property. They would get to the bridal chamber and the bride and groom would go into the place alone while the wedding party waited outside. After the physical union the groom would go outside, announce the consummation of the marriage, and go back inside the bridal chamber and stay there for the next 7 days while the wedding party would go tell the guest the marriage had been consummated and they would blow bubbles and dance and party for a week. At the end of the week the couple would come out to see everyone.

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