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I remember hearing a discussion on Radio Humberside about 10 years ago about the Toronto blessing.

The Toronto Blessing was a powerful move of God in a Vineyard Church at the end of the runway at Toronto International Airport. People were crying and laughing in the services as God touched them. Others were overwhelmed to the very core of their being and were being transformed. Maddy went to the church and was healed of a deep rooted nut allergy.

In this Radio programme, I remember one of the opponents to the Toronto blessing saying:

"It is all too emotional. That is OK for the Americans but we English aren't emotional."

There was a pause, and then someone said: "Have you ever been to a football match"

The late Bill Shankly who was manager of Liverpool football club once said this about football: "Football is not a matter of life and death -- it is more important than that." People get emotional at a football match. Grown men cry when their team loses.

When you see a young couple in love -- they can become emotional about the love between them. I saw a programme on TV the other day when Gordon Brown spoke movingly about the death of his daughter, who was a premature baby after 10 days of life. I was moved emotionally.

The Brits are emotional too!!

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