Sermon Illustrations

There were three men who went bear hunting together: a lawyer, a drunk and a preacher.

As they were walking through the woods to pick their places, a bear ran right in front of them. All three with quick reflexes took quick aim and fired. The bear fell down dead.

An argument arose about who had killed the bear and who could claim it for a bearskin rug. The lawyer said, “The bear belongs to me. I’m sure I shot it. I am more intelligent that the two of you combined, I am in excellent physical shape, and I have good coordination. I’m sure the bear is mine.”

The drunk protested. He said, “The bullet hole is higher than I was aiming, because I’m drunk and my hands were shaking. Therefore the bear must belong to me.

The preacher said, “Here is the deciding factor: The bullet went in one ear and out the other. That’s the same thing that happens to my sermons every Sunday, so I killed it and I’m taking it home.”

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