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A poor, hungry man stood idly on a bridge watching some fishermen. Seeing one of them with a basket full of fish by his side, he said, "If I had a catch like that, I'd be happy. I'd sell it and buy some food and clothes."

"I'll give you that many fish if you do a small favor for me," said the fisherman. "What do you want me to do?" came the reply. "Just tend this line a while. I've got some business down the street." Gladly the young man accepted the offer.

After the man left, the trout and bass continued snapping greedily at the baited hook. Soon he lost all his depression in the excitement of pulling in a large number of fish.

When the angler returned, he said to the young man, "I'll keep my promise to you by giving you everything you've caught. And I hope you've learned a lesson. You mustn't waste time daydreaming and merely wishing for things. Instead, get busy and cast in a line for yourself."

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