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Recently I had a toilet leak, so I ventured to fix it. I had never removed a toilet from the floor or seen what lies underneath that beast. But my friend Sheila (who owns a plumbing business) gave me some tips and direction, and I reluctantly went at it. I was also told to buy something called a wax gasket so I could install it to the pipe flange...WHAT? Flange sounds like Flan, and we eat that where I come from. Trust me, I had absolutely no clue but I reluctantly went at it. I removed the commode, looked at that hole in the ground and went, 'Oh Lord.' Talk about gagging but I was cool and pressed on; I scraped the old seal on the floor and made the whole thing look pretty and at times I called on my friend Doug with questions about the 'fa-lange' and he actually came over for a few moments to direct me and I finally put it all together and when I flushed it worked like a charm with no leaks. Flushing felt awesome. Success! I did it! But I was empowered by my family, my church family. There are things you know how to do well, use them to empower those you love.

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