Sermon Illustrations

Blackaby in his book "Power of the Call" shares on pages 14-17 what the qualifications of a spiritual leader are:

i. A leader has an absolute sense of urgency (Matt. 9:35-37)

ii. A leader has an absolute priority and commitment to prayer (Matt. 9:38).

iii. A leader is unconditionally related to Jesus Christ as Lord (Matt. 10:1).

iv. A leader dwells with and under Christ’s absolute spiritual authority and demonstrates this in life (Matt. 10:1, 8).

v. A leader is Kingdom orientated (Matt. 6:33).

vi. A leader lives with a clear sense of God-given direction (Matt. 10:5-7, 11-16).

vii. A leader is clearly committed and aware of the cost involved (Matt. 10:17-23).

viii. A leader has a clear commitment to pattern his life after Jesus as the master servant (Matt. 10:24-25).

ix. A spiritual leaders is God-orientated (Matt. 10:26-31).

x. A leader bears an open witness to everyone of the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ, especially in the atmosphere of the world (Matt. 10:32-33).

xi. A leader must be willing to risk with eyes wide open, unafraid of the opinions of others, ready for spiritual warfare (Matt. 10:34-36)

xii. A leader’s love for God and His Son exceeds all other loves (Matt. 10:37-39).

xiii. A leader lives out a life of unmistakable identity with Jesus Christ and does so with an eye to the day of accountability (Matt. 10:40-42).

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