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In our lesson we have seen that faith without works is useless. It cannot be demonstrated, it cannot change a person, it is not perfected, and it is dead! Our faith does not help us, or others, until it causes us to act.

Once a chaplain walked up to a wounded soldier who had been lying on the ground some time without anyone treating his wounds.

The chaplain asked, "Would you like for me to read to you from the Bible?" "No!" came the angry reply. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" the chaplain asked.

"I'm thirsty!" the soldier said. The chaplain gave him a drink from his own canteen.

"Anything else?" he asked. "I'm cold!" came the reply. The chaplain took off his coat and spread it over the soldier.

"Anything else?" he again asked. "My head is uncomfortable!" was his reply. The chaplain took off his cap and arranged it under the soldier's head.

The chaplin asked again, "Anything else?"

The soldier looked up at him and tears came to his eyes as he said, "I think now I'd like for you to read to me from the Bible."

(From a sermon by John Wright, Abraham's Faithful Work, 2/1/2010)

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