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A pastor once went to a barber to get a haircut. All through the haircut, the pastor wanted to witness to the barber, but the barber kept talking non-stop and gave the pastor no chance to interrupt.

Later, when the pastor was paying for the haircut, he asked the barber if he was a good man. The barber said he was. The pastor then asked if the barber believed in God, and the barber affirmed that he did. The pastor then asked if the barber thought he would go to heaven, and the barber said that he would because he was such a good man.

The pastor then told the barber that he could use a haircut, too. The barber agreed, but said that he had just been so busy he didn't have a chance.

The pastor said, "Don’t worry, you have a few minutes now, so sit down and I will cut your hair for you." The barber quickly told the pastor that he couldn't do that because he wasn’t trained to do it.

The pastor assured the barber that he would truly do his very best to do it right, and the barber laughed at him and said, "You best is simply not good enough to do it right." The pastor responded by saying, "That is right. And trying to be the best person you can is simply not good enough to get into Heaven."

(From a sermon by Bruce Ball, "What Did You Say?", 2/3/2010)

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