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Now here's the thing. Often times we will tell ourselves, "Well it's the church's job to give my children a religious education, and it's the schools job to educate my children in other matters. And the Church will balance out the secular.

But let me show you something that maybe you've never considered before.

There are 52 Sundays in one year. Your children; or grandchildren, if they come to church every Sunday, will get to spend roughly one hour every Sunday in Sunday School, and if they come to Team Kids on Sunday evening then they get roughly another hour. That is 104 hours a year that the Church is able to teach them. The last statistics I've seen say that the average 8 year old spends about 20 hours a week watching TV -- that's 1040 hours per year watching TV, the average 12 year old spends anywhere from 30 -- 50 hours a week in front of his or her computer. That's 1560 -- 2600 hours a year, and these numbers are even worse when the TV or computer is in their bed room. Kids spend roughly 7 hours a day, 5 days a week in school, for about 180 days in Oklahoma. That's 1260 hours of secular education. Compare any of those with the 104 hours of education a year they get from church. It isn't primarily the church's job to educate our children, and it definitely isn't the government's job, it's the parent's job.

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