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"Take the silver with you” (verse 25) more accurately translated really means, “bind the money in your hand”. E.g. – Have you ever put that tithe on the dresser, to get it ready for Sunday but somehow when Sunday came you had used the money for a need that popped up? You reason, “I’ll make it up next pay day”. But for some reason, that doesn’t happen either. It’s the “money just slips through my fingers” syndrome.

God knows how tough it is and that’s why He provides this instruction not to compromise His tithe for that yearned-for item, travel expense, vacation focus or anything else between the time it is put aside for God and actually makes it to the temple – it is a tough discipline but it has to happen. “Bind the money in your hand”

I was chatting with a couple once, trying to reason with them in response to their insistence they couldn’t afford to tithe. I tried to work through their philosophy while we were sitting in Montana's for Sunday dinner with their two kids, knowing it was an easy $80 meal for the four of them to dine there. “Bind the money in your hand”

We know the struggle of stretched resources. Yet, rather than withhold our tithe we cut the cable, scaled back on groceries – you get the picture. We struggled as we lived by the principle, “bind the money in your hand”

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