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Its like this story of a man racing through the airport to catch his flight.

He passed through security in record time and reached the gate with only moments to spare.

Hurrying aboard the aircraft, he found his seat, opened his laptop computer and tried to work.

A few moments later another passenger boarded the plane and took the empty seat next to the hurried traveler.

Buckling his seatbelt the newcomer turned to the man next to him and asked, “Where are you headed?”

The man looked up from his laptop with his mind still on the last minute task.

His face went blank.

“Where am I going?”, he wondered aloud.

“Where is this plane going?”

“Cape Town”, the other man said.

“Well, that’s where I’m going”.

You see, he had a ticket and was sitting on a plane worth several millions of Rands and he was going somewhere in a hurry, but he did not know where.

In the same way, many people are unhappy because they have no goal, no direction or purpose for their lives.

They don’t know where they are going.

They’re on a merry-go-round that’s had break failure.

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