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I would like to share with you something that I have been learning. It is a bit of an imagination bible story game. We pick a face part such as nose eyes ears and mouth. Lest say nose. We close our eyes and imagine a bible story. Let’s think about Esther as she has Haman and the King for a meal. Remembering that they are in the Kings garden what things might we smell? There would be good food to smell. Maybe we would smell oranges or kiwi or apples or bread or maybe some popcorn. We might smell the wonderful smell of roses or lilies or lilacs. How about the wonderful fragrance of the queens’ sweet perfume? We may even smell the smell of soil that has been freshly worked as the gardeners may have been out getting the garden ready for this meal so that it would be at its best for the King and Queen. We might use our ears in this same story and imagine what we might hear. I think that in a garden I might hear some birds sing as the flit about looking for something good to eat or maybe they are just enjoying the company of the King and Queen. We would hear the voices of those attending the meal as they visited. There might even be some soft music playing somewhere close by. We might hear the rustle of the breeze in the trees that are standing tall in the garden. What might we see in the imagination as we look about this scene? The food, the flowers, the trees the Queen, The King, Haman, the birds, stone walk ways through the garden, fountains, statues, and many other things of wonderful rich things to enjoy. To get to know the bible stories we need to really enter into the story and try to imagine what was really happening. We can imagine the expressions on the faces and the emotions of the deferent individuals in the stories. We need to make the stories our own.

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