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Greg a pioneering pastor under all kinds of financial constraints & his vehicle is getting older & needs updating. He has 5 kids & needs something better than what he’s got. His mother, who is a Christian & really hears from God has been praying for Greg. She calls him one day & asks Greg what kind of a car he wants. Greg however doesn’t really take her too seriously so he begins to rattle off all the details of what he wants. A few days later his mother calls & says God has shown me the car your going to get you. It’s a white van w/ a blue stripe, it’s got seven seats & good paintwork & begins to relate all the details. Not only this but the vehicle is going to be a bargain buy! Then as she’s about to finish she says there’s one more thing too, God has shown me it has some red dust in it too ….. I think it has been up north somewhere.

Greg thanks his mother & laughs to himself & doesn’t think anything more about it. Greg knows that he doesn’t have the money to buy the kind of vehicle his mother has just described to him on the phone, it’s way out of his reach financially.

Not long after this Greg finds out about a Mitsubishi van for sale. He thinks …… this is going to be too much but he has a look anyway. When he sees it the van is white w/ a blue stripe & good paintwork, it has 7 seats, it’s everything his mother described to him a few days b/4. As he is looking around the van his mother’s words are ringing in his ears! But then he remembers the red dust & thinks to himself “Well you almost got it right mum but you missed it w/ the red dust! Then as he lifts up the carpet in the back he notices that right there is a handful of red dust!”

Not even the small details of our lives escape God’s attention!

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