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Trust the One Who Can See Over the Crowd

In a time of fear and uncertainty, Jesus disciples were very careful to do exactly what He told them to do. and That’s what we must do if we want to survive and thrive in these days of fear and uncertainty.

Anne Graham Lotz says that when she and her husband, Denny, attend football games at his alma mater, the University of North Carolina, thousands of people cram in the parking lots, and she can’t see where she’s going. However, her husband, a head taller at 6’7”, can look over the crowd, so he takes her hand and leads them to their seats.

“The way I get from the car to my seat is just by holding his hand and following him closely through the crowd,” Lotz says. In the same way, she says, “I just try to faithfully follow the Lord step by step and day by day.” (Randy Bishop, “Just Give Me Jesus,” Christian Reader, September/October 2000, p.25;

From a sermon by C. Philip Green, Living in Uncertain Times, 2/20/2010

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