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In her freshman year of college, my daughter Rene’ agreed to take some friends to the Tampa airport as they returned home for Christmas break. They showed her the way there-—and to get back-—she would simply follow the same route backwards and then come on home to celebrate Christmas with us.

That evening, I answered my cell phone to hear a very nervous Rene’ say, "Daddy, I think I’m LOST! I’ve been on this road for a long time and I don’t see anything familiar." If that were not bad enough, the details that followed sent me straight into panic; 1. It was getting dark, 2. She only had a quarter tank of gas, and 3. She hadn’t seen an exit for a very long time.

"What was the last city you saw?" I asked. She replied "Brooksville." Before I could think, I blurted out, "Oh my goodness Rene’—you’re half-way to Georgia!" That sent her straight into a panic!

I raced to the computer and found an online map service where I could zoom in and actually see the smallest of streets. She insisted that I stay on the phone with her all the way across Hwy 50 until she found the Turnpike. I was able to say, "Ok, you’re about to go over a railroad track..." Then she would say, "Yes! There’s the railroad track..." Then I would say, "The next intersection you’ll come to is Harper Road," and she would say, "I can see it coming up."

Along the way, Rene’ and I both had the same thought; This must be what it’s like for God--looking down, seeing where we need to go and coaching us along the way, and staying on the phone with us, so to speak, to provide comfort that everything is going be okay.

Rene’ arrived home safely that night, albeit a few hours later than planned. And you can imagine the hug I had for that girl!

So, if you’re lost, low on gas, and haven’t seen an exit from your situation in a very long time—-I have a suggestion for you; call your Father—-your Heavenly Father. He’ll stay on the phone with you as He directs you through the shortest route to safety. And as you’re making your way back home...get ready for the hug of your life!

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