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Ordinary people talking. And that’s how it should be. Look at our reading.

Jesus invested a lot of time in his 12 disciples. He invested even more in the four key

disciples; Peter, Andrew,James and John.

Yet it wasn’t the four who first asked to tell the people the good news of the resurection

It wasnt even any of the 12 who told the news.

It was Mary Magdalene, Jane, Mary mother of James.

Ordinary women who spent most of their time cooking for the diciples, cleaning and mending their socks.

Not the the highly theologically trained 12. No - it was a bunch of very ordinary women who first told the Easter message.

It is the same today. Ordinary people talking to thier friends is far more effective than a bunch of clergy.

Why should your friend trust me- Im paid to say this stuff. But when you (their friend) says it, they’ll listen.

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