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Our daughter Hannah loved animals. At the age of 12 or so, she began helping out Polly at her exotic animal farm. We had some strange pets because of this: a Pantagonian cavvy, also known as a Marah. Luke had a small possum that never even got as large as a guinea pig; we had doves and parakeets, flying squirrels and snakes; mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters; we had other baby animals on loan for bottle feeding, and, for the better part of a year, we had a pot-bellied pig in the side yard.

Some animals do well in captivity; others do not. It depends upon their nature. You can train an animal to some degree, but you can’t change its nature. Only God can change one’s nature.

The false teachers Peter addresses professed a change in nature through the new birth, but they were still unsaved and still not reconciled to God.

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