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NFL Players are Some of the strongest most disciplined athletes in the world-and exactly who you would

want to walk with you down a dark alley! But look at Michael Vick and Big Ben and you know for a fact

they are weaklings against sin! They are a worthless savior! It is a reminder that all human striving to

save self is Scooby doo in God’s Eyes!

If you were like me you were glued to the T.V. Set on Thursday to watch the NFL Draft. The first

pick was ___- to __. But even the best in College do not make it in the NFL here is three recent draft

busts. . .Jamarcus Russell, Joey Harrington, and Mike Williams. Leading up to the Draft, one of the

Specials ESPN had was Jon Gruden critiquing the top draft picks-And he found plenty wrong with each

of them! But this is John Gruden and not God! It is a reminder even the most loving-sweet grandmother

standing before God will be declared a sinner in need of a Savior.

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