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Randy Travis released song in 2002 entitled Pray for the Fish. Listen to the 2nd verse and the lyrics.

Well, the preacher ducked him under that cool clear water, then he did it again.

Eddie came up yellin': "Lord in Heaven, hallelujah! I'm a brand new man!

Well, the water got to bubblin', sky got to rumblin' an' the thunder backed up the choir.

The fish started jumpin'; it was like they were swimmin' in a lake of fire.

Then Eddie's Momma stepped outta the crowd, And started yellin' out loud:

"Pray for the fish!

"They won't know what's coming when the sin starts rollin' off the likes of him.

"Lord, be with 'em, they ain't done nothin'.

"Please won't you leave 'em just a little bit of room to swim.

"Pray for the fish."

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