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A Millionaire Leaves It All

A famous millionaire died of cancer. For weeks he suffered intolerable agony. Although surrounded by every luxury and receiving every possible care, he died as wretchedly as a pauper. There was the usual publicity, flowers, telegrams, an expensive bronze casket and a towering beautifully carved tombstone.

After the funeral a relative turned to another and said, “How much do you suppose that Harry left?” Back came the reply, “He left everything he had.”

Yes, Harry could take not one thing with him. He worked harder than a slave would. He grasped, saved, cheated, lied and where legally possible, he stole as he amassed his great fortune. He lived for self. He left all he had. He faced God without hope or plea. Harry was a poor fool. “What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

-----------------------C. Leslie Miller, in Gospel Herald

From a sermon by Bill Butsko, Accountable, 2/25/2010

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