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Discipline is a virtue that is in short supply nowadays. We see men and women demonstrating a dangerous lack of self restraint and discipline. People do things just because they feel like it, ignoring the consequences. What there is no restraint, no discipline is that people are destroyed.

As believers we must continually affirm brokenness as a virtue. Brokenness does not diminish your strength. Once brokenness is absent in the church, we lose our moral compass. Our collective consciences becomes numb. Brokenness keeps us on our toes. It refines, perfects, and purifies us. It is what makes us disciplined. A broken man who mortifies himself, who dies daily, is a strong individual with a solid core. He is a true disciple. Discipline is central to our success and it guards us against temptations and mistakes. It helps us to avoid the malpractices – Kingdom Malpractices – that can destroy our faith. The secret to breaking out is discipline which helps us to avoid making serious covenant or kingdom malpractices like unforgiveness, secret sins, abuse to yourself, family, profanity, idolatry, anger, bitterness, fornication, adultery, murmurings, disrespect to authority, immoral practices, deliberately breaking the laws of the land and knowingly engaging or supporting or validating immoral practices

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