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Others have developed dysfunctional ways to view life in hope it would bring contentment, fulfillment and eternal life!

a. Optimism: By looking through rose-colored glasses, we can convince ourselves that we live on Fantasy Island, existing under cloudless skies and surrounded by oceans of love, affirmation, and support. There’s only one problem -- Lack of reality.

b. Pessimism: It is easy to turn life into a grim existence. If something bad can happen, the pessimist is convinced it will. The problem here is an obvious lack of joy.

c. Suspicion: Suspicion is a deeper trench than pessimism. "Everyone is out to get you. You can’t believe anyone anymore. Their major problem? --Lack of trust.

d. Fatalism: The fatalist says we may as well accept our lot, nothing can be done to change it. "Just bite your lip and endure to the end." "If you can check out of responsibility, do it! Stay uninvolved." What’s the problem here? -- Lack of hope.

Man has been on these quests for years asking, "Which way is the right way", excited when they first enter into their false ways claiming they have found the way only to discover that it was temporal and not everlasting. Then in turn, these individuals do as Rollo Mays states, "It is an old and ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way."

Mankind is looking for the way up and for the way out. The problem is they are lost and running in the opposite direction getting further away from God and deeper into chaos and insanity.

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