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A grain alone or with many others?

STORY OF ONE GRAIN OF WHEAT: Farmer plows soil, digs shallow trenches, but must drop only one grain of seed at a time. Still true. Farmers pull a “grain drill.” Notched wheel drops seed through tube exactly one grain at a time. Single grain gathers moisture and nutrients, sends tiny root hairs down into soil, then shoots a stem upward through the soil.

RESULT? Two bushel of seeds per acre – about size of a football field. Generates 40 to 50 bushels of wheat, enough for 2500 loaves of bread!

STORY OF EGYPTIAN TOMBS – Grains of wheat found in Egyptian tombs 3,000 to 4,000 years old. But this grain is utterly dead. Bears no fruit. Moral? Wheat grain dies one way or the other. One way bears more grain. Other dies forever. First way dies alone and resurrected into greater life. Second way dies with many other...

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