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Rick Warren talks about Ron Dunn, a friend of his, who took his young son to a carnival one time for his birthday. His son had picked six boys to go with him, so Ron bought a roll of tickets. Every line he'd come up to, he'd pull off seven tickets and give them to all the kids. When they got to the Ferris wheel, all of a sudden there was an eighth little kid with his hand out.

Ron said, "Who are you?"

The kid said, "I'm Johnny."

Ron said, "Who are you, Johnny?"

Johnny said, "I'm your son's new friend. And he said you would give me a ticket."

Ron asks, "Do you think I gave him one? Absolutely." Why? Because that little kid had come to the father through the son.

(Rick Warren, What Difference Does Easter Make? Leadershipjournal. net, 4-10-06. From a sermon by C. Philip Green, Top Priority, 6/3/2010)

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