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Impact of Prayer in the Life of David Wilkerson

Several years ago, a pastor of a small church in rural Pennsylvania decided to convert the two hours a night he spent watching TV into prayer time. Soon after that, there were some gang members in New York City who had been involved in a brutal, senseless murder. As he labored in prayer, God gave this pastor a vision to reach out to those New York City gangs.

The pastor’s name was David Wilkerson, and God used Him to lead many gang members to Christ. He eventually started a ministry called Teen Challenge; and today, Teen Challenge is all over the country, leading scores of young people to Christ every year. But it all started when one man decided to turn TV time into prayer time. (David Wilkerson, The Cross and the Switchblade, pp.11-12)

From a sermon by C. Philip Green, Top Priority, 6/3/2010

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