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The vine has been cultivated in Pal. from the earliest times. The climate of Pal. is peculiarly adapted to viticulture with the country's bright sunshine and the heavy dew of the late summer nights (Tenney Pg. 882)

Its Cultivation

The cultivation of the vine requires constant care or the fruit will very soon degenerate. After the rains the loosely made walls required repair; the ground must be ploughed or harrowed and cleared of weeds -- contrast with this the vineyard of the sluggard (Prv. 24: 30-31); in the early spring the plants must be pruned by cutting off dead and fruitless branches (Lev. 25: 3,4; Isa 5:6) which are gathered and burned (Jn 15:6). As the grapes ripen they must be watched to keep off jackals and foxes (Cant 2:15), and in some districts even wild boars (Ps 80:13).

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