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As a boy he was active in the Boy Scouts, and had earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He was only the second person in his family to attend college. In 1950, a week after his 20th birthday, he became a Naval Aviator and then later an ASTRONAUT.

Watching television as the dramatic pictures were broadcast to the world, I was aware that something momentous had happened and I have never forgotten the images of that man. I was 14 years old.

NEIL ARMSTRONG and his crew touched down at 20:17:39 UTC on July 20, 1969. On television that day my family and I saw Armstrong walk down the ladder and STEP OUT onto the surface of the moon. We all remembered those famous words, "THAT'S ONE SMALL STEP FOR (A) MAN, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND."

That Christmas I had taken a momentous step myself as I gave my life to Christ. It was not a lunar landing, and it only seemed like ONE SMALL STEP, but it CHANGED MY LIFE from that moment on.

It is just like God to do this. He knows I am only able to receive His plan for my life in "ONE-SMALL-STEP-FOR-A-MAN" pieces. One small step in the direction He says to go is lifechanging.

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