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There is a legend that speaks of an oriental king whose servant was also his personal friend and favorite. One day, the king impatiently presented his servant with a golden bell, saying, "If you ever find a greater fool than yourself, give this to that person!"

Years passed by and the king was lying on his death bed. The king called for his servant and told the servant that he was going on a long journey - and, that he was ill prepared! The servant asked, "Is it an unexpected journey?" The king replied, "No, on the contrary, I have been forewarned these many years; but, I have been so engrossed with the cares of government and the pleasures of this world, that I have given little thought or attention to the matter!" Whereupon, the servant silently handed the king the golden bell - the servant had finally found a greater fool than himself!

(From a sermon by George Dillahunty, Prepare To Engage Jesus - The Christ! 6/8/2010)

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