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CRASHED AND BURNED! All my computer files from the last 10 years gone! No full back-ups so no way of retrieving it all. It seems I have lived the last 10 years on the ASSUMPTION that computers last forever, just keep adding data to them. Not so! Happened to me once before and I was devastated. This time I was not about to go into emotional meltdown over a computer. I PRAYED and by grace God helped a friend of mine retrieve a sizeable amount of data - 100 GB - whatever that means. SAVED!

CRASHED AND BURNED! Without a back-up plan! And only a REMNANT SAVED due to the PRAYER OF ABRAHAM. No, I'm not talking about computers anymore. I'm talking about SODOM and it's cities. I'm talking about JUDGMENT and the JUSTICE of God. You know, the kind of judgment that the Bible talks about when we reject God. When we think we can leave God out of our lives on the assumption that we are living a pretty GOOD LIFE and besides "HOW CAN A LOVING GOD SEND PEOPLE TO HELL?" That kind of ASSUMPTION! And not even a back-up plan. DEVASTATING! Predictable but devastating.

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