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You may find this interesting; I once did this driving course called an anti-skid driving course. One of the really valuable learning’s that I got out of it was, that when you drive, you should drive with your eyes looking well ahead maybe a couple of hundred metres ahead, not on the car just in front of you. Why?

Because if an accident occurs you are more likely to avoid the obstacles on the road and travel through the accident scene. Research has been done and those that focused on the obstacles were often found to drive straight into them. If you focus well ahead you still see the things just in front but you see well beyond them as well you are able top react and often find a path way through the obstacles.

As Christians we can take a lesson from this if we can focus on Jesus, the– “author and perfecter of our faith” we can see the track just ahead and also beyond. Jesus being our focus keeps the path ahead doable. (SBI)

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