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Stephen Hawking, the biggest brain among the big brains of physics, took the star turn here for the recent World Science Festival. That he is now spending several weeks at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ont., is a feather in the cap of Canadian science.

But before he left New York this week, he gave a widely noticed interview to Diane Sawyer, in which she asked him about the biggest mystery he would like solved. "I want to know why the universe exists, why there is something greater than nothing," Hawking explained.

That is, as the ancient Greeks did not say, the granddaddy of all philosophical questions. Why is there something rather than nothing? No matter how clever you are, if you don’t have a compelling answer to that question, you can only aspire to knowledge--albeit impressive knowledge--but not wisdom.

(Source: Father Raymond J. de Souza, National Post, Thursday, Jun. 10, 2010. From a sermon by Matthew Kratz, Wisdom’s Warning, 6/12/2010)

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