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There is a mere strip of sand called Castle Island near the eastern end of the Bahamas archipelago. Few people are aware of it - and, as tiny and isolated as it is, Castle Island is important for the lighthouse that is its sole source of humanity!

One day, a young man was sailing in the area. He anchored his sailboat off of the lighthouse and swam to shore to exercise his legs on the beach. The lighthouse keeper, Cedric Hanna, was surprised and delighted to have company; he invited the young man to join him for some fresh-caught lobster and a tour of the lighthouse.

The young man climbed the winding staircase to the lantern room at the top of the stairs; and, he was astonished at the size of the light that signaled safe passage through the maze of shoals and reefs! The light was a tiny kerosene flame - barely bright enough to read by - yet, with the aid of mirrors and reflectors, it was visible twenty-five (25) miles out to sea.

Jesus, the Christ, has told us to "Let our light shine!" But, tell me, "What if our light is a very dim one? What if our good works are few and small?" I believe that our little light is magnified in the immense mirror of Almighty God’s Love! I believe that His reflectors are human hearts - spreading the flame of kindness one to another!

The story of Castle Island reminds each and every one of us that even the most insignificant action or deed on our part - such as giving up our place in the grocery store check-out line to a mother with a fretful baby - or, a short two-line...

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