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I heard a story about a couple who went on holiday, they had been away a couple of weeks and when they arrived home, after picking up a litre of that watery green top milk from the dairy, and getting their mail from their neighbors place. They went into their home to find they had been burgled.

The mixture of emotions that overcame them as they went through every room looking at what had been gone through, what was missing or destroyed for them it was like hell on earth.

Thankfully they were insured, and the neighbors’ and their relatives rallied around helping them with groceries, bedding and the like and for about a week they were dropping off meals and inviting themselves in at morning and afternoon tea times for a chat always with a plate of biscuits or snacks of some sort. This was like heaven on earth to the couple and it helped them to cope with their situation.

Imagine if you will what it would be like if the burglars were in the house while all of this good stuff was going on, what would that look like? It would look like hell had invaded heaven.

The truth is we can’t behave in ways that are out of keeping with the will of God and keep situations heavenly, or in balance with God’s will.

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