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Percentage of people who at least occasionally worry about:

Having their car stolen or broken into: 42

Home burglarization when they are not at home: 45

Being the victim of terrorism: 38

Having a school-aged child physically harmed at school: 29

Your home being burglarized when you are home: 24

Getting mugged: 28

Being attacked while driving your car: 22

Being sexually assaulted: 19

Being a victim of a hate crime: 17

Getting murdered: 15

Being assaulted/killed by a co-worker where you work: 6

Source: "American’s Attitudes on Crime," Gallup Poll of over 1,000 adults, October 2005


Percentage of people who at least moderately worry about:

Not being able to pay medical costs of a serious illness/accident: 54

Not having enough money for retirement: 60

Not being able to pay medical costs for normal healthcare: 45

Not being able to maintain the standard of living you enjoy: 49

Not having enough to pay your normal monthly bills: 38

Not being able to pay your rent, mortgage, or other housing costs: 27

Not being able to make the minimum payments on your credit cards: 17

Source: "Americans More Worried About Basic Financial Needs," Gallup Poll of over...

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