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She is almost ninety years old, and apparently she's BEAUTIFUL. I am a Chaplain in an aged care facility and I meet a lot of 90 year olds. Some look pretty good for their age but SARAH catches your attention. The perfect Hollywood star, aging gracefully and looking years younger without the use of liposuction, hair colouring, breast implants, facelifts and all the rest, Sarah doesn't even wear make-up. She does do a lot of walking, however, and without the use of a walking frame.

Perhaps that's the secret - SARAH'S BEAUTY REGIME - walk for miles in a desert climate. Now there's a good tip for those who want to preserve their beauty as they age. Go to Gerar ... on foot - desert marathon (Genesis 20:1).

To me the real star in this soap opera scenario in Genesis 20 is not the beautiful 90 year old heroine. It's not the big business tycoon with a LYING PROBLEM. It's the UNDER-DOG who gets caught up in a life and death struggle by mistake. Abraham lies to everyone saying that Sarah is his sister. Abimelech takes her into his harem, probably wanting to form a business alliance with Abraham. ABIMELECH may be the co-star in this movie but he deserves the Oscar. HE LOOKS MORE LIKE THE BELIEVER THAN ABRAHAM!

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